Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Are Your Favorite iPhone Apps?

I could never stress enough the importance of sharing - and I mean it for everything in life.

When I just got my new iPhone, I knew nothing about its Apps. Slowly, one by one, I've first added the essential ones and then - by interest and need. There are Apps for everything and then some, but only a few we use on a daily basis. Here is what I use...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fab Event: Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

I thought I'd share the goods.

Produced by Mediabistro, SocialTimes and AllFacebook, Social Media Marketing Boot Camp offers a great opportunity to learn from the social media marketing gurus in a format of a world-class conference, but in a small group workshop.

I personally think that no matter how proficient and knowledgeable one is, there is always a place to learn more...

When/How:  September 27 - November 15, 2011 | All Online

iPad: Circa 1994...

There is an evolution in everything: plants, animals, humans, gadgets...

At the time when emails were very happening, and The Huffington Post and haven't existed yet, for the most part we were pretty happy with a modem Internet connection, now - only a few of us have it...

Here’s what an iPad looked like back in the days - in 1004, when VHS tapes were pretty cool and - happening - to have.

iSpaceship: Apple's Proposed Designs For Its Office

It's about time we got used to the very clean cut modern designs of its products and stores - round corners, glass walls and ceilings, armless and cushion-less chairs, bold colors, wall-wide screen displays, and an accurately, evenly bitten apple... Apple's designs has been always a huge part of our decision-making on whether get an Apple's product and/or a product by another company.

They know it and play it out very well for the consumers around the world.

And this is exactly what's happening with the new architectural plans and sketches of Apple’s proposed headquarters

Friday, August 12, 2011

Travel and Save: Apps for Smartphones

I came across a very helpful information - just in time for my trip abroad. Since I'll be gone more than a few days, I decided to tackle data roaming fees, which wireless providers charge when customers use their phones outside their service area. (Let's just admit it already - I'm addicted to my Apps, and I often update my social networks from my iPhone - there's always a perfect situation to take a photo of something unique and beautiful and/or weird and different to share with your friends.)

This information, hopefully, would allow you to save and avoid roaming fees when you travel abroad.

USA Divided On Smartphone Preferences: Android vs. iPhone

If you think that USA can be only "evaluated" by a division on republicans, democrats and/or independents - you are wrong.

Politics, specifically - the conflicts and disagreements between the members of GOP and democrats - might be one of the most important things on the minds of the Americans right now, but it's the phone service that could, sometimes, ruin an important moment - like an ability to timely respond to a very controversial Facebook remark. Which - in the case of the smartphones - could be avoided.

The disagreement and imbalance of smartphones' ownership does interest tech geeks. In particular - the number of the 'electoral voters' that Androids and iPhones have against each other.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fab Shoelaces: Converse Gets Innovative

I wish I didn't!

I wish I didn't visit the official site of Converse. It's too much. Too intimidating for someone who's been a big fan of Converse from the beginning.

And now they came up with something that's even more intimidating - great for sneaker fashionistas and personal stylists - than choosing a sneaker style out of like...thousands of styles.

Dig in in the innovative world of one of my favorite American brands - Converse.

36 Hours With NYC.GOV

I can't stop repeating myself that we are living in exciting, inventive times. The innovation, modernizatin and innovation happens in front of our eyes and even before we think of it. We then digest it as something that we can call "Ah, that would change the way we live and work"... Every day we are given the power to invent.

This is exactly the power that was given to the website developers across the USA - about 75 of whom from across the country (and at least one from Canada) responded to the offer by New York City Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne to spend 36 hours of last weekend envisioning a better can follow Sterne on Twitter @RachelSterne or follow the City @nycgov).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From America, With Love: iPhone 5 Goes To Russia

It's time. It's time - to open an Apple store in Russia.

There are a lot of Russians living in USA who must be tired by now smuggling multiple copies of iPhones and iPads across the border every time they go to visit friends and relatives in Russia. 

The New Yorker's Free Apps: Goings On and Festival. Cartoons come with it too

What I love about iPhones (and that's NOT an endorsement) is that each day there is a new cool  App for it - to satisfy any tastebud - from silly, entertaining ones to very helpful ones, like navigation, travel guides, traffic or personal organizer Apps. Moreover, now any company, organization and/or individual can create an application - and that's what they do and that's what makes me very envious of such enterprenural technical skills to do so.

Courtesy of The New Yorker
I especially like the media Apps, especially when it concerns a publication/site I read/follow. And this is exactly the case with The New Yorker magazine. It now offers - not one - but two FREE Apps:

London's Burning, You're Tweeting

This is NOT what one should be proud about:

But it looks as if there are some Londoners who feel the need to brag about looting in their own home town, making their own neighbors homeless and business-less. Many small business owners - the likes of mom's and pop's kind of shops - have families to feed and leaving them without their only income, is brutal - it's just not right.

Nevertheless, those who bash the places and steal stuff, they post their photos on Twitter. First of all: that's a sure way to be caught by Scotland's Yard police, second of all - in what kind of a mind set one should be to be proud of the wrong-doings?

Just, please, stop tweeting pictures of yourself and the things you've done to your own town and people. Like this one:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sites To Ruin One's Reputation: Friends, Colleagues, Family And Exes

As if social media space wasn’t freaky enough. With all the sites, social networks and blogs out there, it’s unlikely there is nothing that’s impossible NOT to find on the Internet. From very freaky, absurd and sexually-explicit sites to mom's&pop's, dating, cooking and lifestyle blogs. However, the question is, how far we CAN go? Or, how far we SHOULD go?

Fab Fashion Sites and Books: Apply To Your Style

A few years ago I've discovered street fashion blogs and decided it could be a great way to get feedback about the trends, brands and styles right off the street through the great photographs of professional street fashion bloggers. This is - don't you think - what social media is all about? Easy access to your interests, hobbies and passions...

Having photographed all my life and having a fascination with the street photography, some of the blogs were a true finding for me not only to stay current on all the trends from around the world, but also to stay true with my passion for photography. And  now ,what feels like back-to-old-school times - an oxymoron, the books are following the social media - to capture and conserve the street styles that change.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tweet the Tweets That Matter: Ways To Get Followers

Ever wondered why your colleague and/or friend who tweets on the same subject matter has more followers? Aside from having an established - prior to the Twitter era – brand and/or personality, there are a few tricks that you should now to attract more followers. They are ways that could get people to avoid your Twitter Account in the first place. It’s more or less along the lines with your Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts that you’d like to keep simple, clean, informative and – professional!

All experts would tell you the same things – or close to it. It’s an unspoken Bible of “how to use and grow” your Twitter. Here they are:

Friday, August 5, 2011

French Use Social Networks, But Incorrectly

Apparently, Twitter and Facebook is no longer “American” social networks. They did originate in USA, but with a global take on growth and profit. With the introduction of the other language platforms, such as Chinese, Hindu and Russia – for example – Twitter and Facebook moved to the largest markets in the world, penetrated so deep that no longer the local social networks are capable to compete.
And other countries picked up. France, Germany, Sweden – you name it – all of the casual, business and charitiful networking is now happening on Facebook and Twitter.
Take me, for example – I follow Arabic, Russian, British world-changing sources of information and individuals who both inform and entertain me. I’m “friends” with the Egyptian bloggers and reporters, Russian fashion designers and celebrities, British press and trendsetters, and French chefs – it can’t get any better than that.
Katie Couric on iPad at CBS Evening News
However, for all the obvious things that we are using Twitter and Facebook, the American press, for example, does not hide the fact that they are using the social media to promote the stories and personalities. Moreover, all the prominent news and show are now running promos luring the audience to write, contact, and comment to them on their social networks. But – not in France!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Online Rating Expands: Yelping for Religion

One learns every day that there are still things that one would never think could exist. I’m sure one can say it about the first computers in the beginning of the 20th Century or about the bikes in the 14th Century. Every day things are invented and trends and brands are created. Some – we follow, some - we disregard, but in both cases – we take a notice.
Pope Benedict XVI checks the new Vatican web portal on an iPad.

In the age of social media, as it seems nothing more can surprise us – our lives are slowly moving from offline to – online: shopping (Amazon, eBay, Overstock - you name it), friendships, jobs, travel, reading and drawing, and even – relationships. And all the above can be rated and the opinion can be shared with the others – online as well. So, it is no surprise that from rating our restaurant meals, make up, doctors, lawyers and tax accountants, movies and concerts, we can now rate a PRIEST.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Social Media Etiquette: A salad with a side of iPhone

How many times you were annoyed with someone on your company who would in your presence text, email and/or do whatever you do on the mobile devices? I, personally, cannot tolerate someone in my company using mobile devices (or any of those cool gadgets – tablets and such) because I believe that’s the time for face-to-face communication and enjoying each other’s company.
I would care less for someone who is not part of my company but is sharing the same space with me use their devices, although – you’d agree with me – it’s rather rude, especially if the devices make a notice.
It’s especially rude, if another person who is using a device in front of you – is your partner and/or a family member. This is away crossing the line of the basic etiquette.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Local Activities Thru Local Bloggers

Almost any city offers a website with local activities - from parks to shows - and each city has local afficionados who are more than willing to share the local treasures with you. Those are - the local bloggers who write on things that go on in and around their city.

App-Visuals of Fashion: Make Your Own Fashion Mag

A newly launched Self Service Magazine's iPad App comes just in time for the craving of so many fashion-conscious followers of styles and trends who want not only read the news mobile-ly, but also be completely immersed in the visual aspects of it...

Here’s a demo of the new magazine iPad App from fashion biannual Self Service. It’s a very nice adaptation of the print magazine, retaining the same monochrome decorative typography and presenting the content in a satisfyingly simple manner. Little gratuitous interaction but some intelligent use of touch to access details. It’s free, and recommended to anyone planning their own app.