Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fab Shoelaces: Converse Gets Innovative

I wish I didn't!

I wish I didn't visit the official site of Converse. It's too much. Too intimidating for someone who's been a big fan of Converse from the beginning.

And now they came up with something that's even more intimidating - great for sneaker fashionistas and personal stylists - than choosing a sneaker style out of like...thousands of styles.

Dig in in the innovative world of one of my favorite American brands - Converse.

Yes, I own this style: All Star Stone Washed

And this classic one: Chuck Taylor All Star

And up until today (I just didn't give it a deep thought before), I had no idea that you can create your own sneaker - customize it as you want from a choice of 40 styles of a "plain, white" converse sneaker.

However, as much as you are free to experiment and get creative with a sneaker, still - the Best Sellers of the Converse brand - are the first 'classics ones', which proves my usual thought on anything - sometimes a key to the the best is simplicity.

Converse Best Sellers

And now you can cutomize the shoelaces...Which for some sneaker-lovers might be the best part of the whole sneaker wearing experience...

Throughout time, Converse wearers have forgone leaving a mere footprint to step up and make a real mark.
Now it’s your turn to continue the legacy. Chuck Taylor All Star Fun Laces sneakers are the newest creation in the Verse line, available exclusively in-store and online at Macy’s. For Zappos lovers, they have it too.

Every pair comes with three interchangeable shoelace options, so you can customize your own timeless twist.
Mix, match, and get creative. Wherever your Fun Laces take you, don’t be surprised if you find people following your lead.

And again, no one can sell a Converse like Sarah Jessica Parker's "Sex and the City" character can.

Don't get discouraged, if you live outside the U.S. Converse has spread out and has a definite presence in 15 countries already: and besides many American stores would ship it to you.
You can locate a retailer here.

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