Thursday, December 1, 2011

Batch It Up: A New Way To Your Photography Sharing

I'm having a very good day today, because I just learned about two new Apps that tailor to my interests and biggest hobbies of mine - movies (MovieGoer) and photography (Batch), and it's all about sharing.

Not that I haven't shared my photos and film reviews before, but with the new Apps it might have just become easier for me to do so, as well as - more visual, more involving, more ... engaging.

Of course current all-time favorites are - Instagram and Photosynth, but I'm open to explore other Apps.

Join me in learning about the new App called Batch, which is aimed at bringing back profligate photo sharing. It encourages users to take as many photos as they want, and to share them all...

MovieGoer: A Social App for Going to the Movies

This is exactly what I've been looking for - an App for going to the movies! I can very much see myself becoming one active user of this application, despite the fact that not many of my friends in the social circle are as passionate about movie going - [and sharing their experiences] - as I am, so let's see if it's gonna be applicable in my case since the App is meant for a social experience, not the solo indulgence.