Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London's Burning, You're Tweeting

This is NOT what one should be proud about:

But it looks as if there are some Londoners who feel the need to brag about looting in their own home town, making their own neighbors homeless and business-less. Many small business owners - the likes of mom's and pop's kind of shops - have families to feed and leaving them without their only income, is brutal - it's just not right.

Nevertheless, those who bash the places and steal stuff, they post their photos on Twitter. First of all: that's a sure way to be caught by Scotland's Yard police, second of all - in what kind of a mind set one should be to be proud of the wrong-doings?

Just, please, stop tweeting pictures of yourself and the things you've done to your own town and people. Like this one:

On the flip side, London's Metropolitan police is saying that social networks have been used to organized the looting and that the "investigation is already under way" to find those thefts and hooligans. To keep updated on all the latest news from London, you can follow the Scotland Yard's twitter account @metpoliceuk

You can also exchange your thoughts on the happenings in UK through hashtags #UK and #London.

And/or join the Facebook group United Against The London Riots and keep in touch with the ones who witness it and the ones who express their support for the city and people who are suffering from it. 

Here is what people say about the riots - they are just not proud of their own people. Moreover, they compare the current events in UK to the Syria, Spain... Here's an opinion of a British journalist, who seems to know what he is talking about:

Darcus Howe, well-respected West Indian-born intellectual, New Statesman columnist, TV host and political activist, is interviewed on the BBC about last night’s rioting and he eloquently states what a lot of people in the country must be thinking right about now.
“I don’t call it rioting. I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people. It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it is happening in Liverpool, it is happening in Port of Spain, Trinidad.”

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