Monday, July 25, 2011

Social Media for Safe Sex: anything goes...

There will be absolutely no need soon for pharmacies, grocery stores, and post offices - the Apps might replace these aspects of our lives. The only thing that might still stay is movie theaters and restaurants/bars - even gyms might soon become as an App program that allows to "customize your exercise routine, choose a trainer you find the most appealing and background motifs that speak to your physique"...either way - the "App-ful" future is here...

But for now, Apple has decided to simplify personal, intimate lives for New Yorkers by providing them with  iPhone App that assists in locating sites with free condoms within NYC. No more worries about going on a date without a condom. You've got it and it's - FREE.

NYC Health created an iPhone app that will help you locate sites which gives away condoms.

NYC Condom Finder App utilizes iPhone’s GPS to “locate and provide walking directions to the 5 nearest venues that distribute FREE NYC Condoms.” There are a total of 3,000 locations throughout the 5 boroughs of the city. So wherever you are in NYC, you will know where to get protection, and get it for free.

According to its iTunes app page, the NYC Condom Finder does the following:

    * locates and provides walking directions for the 5 nearest venues to your current position
    * lets you enter an alternate address for planning ahead
    * includes a helpful “dos and don’ts” for condom usage
    * provides you with information about the NYC Condom program

However, I cannot personally testify if this App is helpful or...ridiculous. It's for you to find out and report back! Either way, it's rather thoughtful of the NYC Health Department to think about its residents' sex life, but they do mean good. From what I've seen, personally, I do like the interface design of the program, and sometimes, like with many other Apps, that's all that matters...It's just very, very cool.

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