Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Are Your Favorite iPhone Apps?

I could never stress enough the importance of sharing - and I mean it for everything in life.

When I just got my new iPhone, I knew nothing about its Apps. Slowly, one by one, I've first added the essential ones and then - by interest and need. There are Apps for everything and then some, but only a few we use on a daily basis. Here is what I use...

Despite the fact that I've had my iPhone for a while now, I still think I’m the only iPhone user in the world with the least number of Apps on my phone. To date, the only apps I have are: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Foursquare, Gowalla, LinkedIn, MapHook, Movnote, PhotoOrgL, Where, Yelp, Audioboo - great for journalists, Pandora, DCRider, TripIt, Opera Mini , LivingSocial, iRusRadio, and OC (which stands for Ocean City, MD - one of the vacation places I visit the most during summers due to its proximity).

Once, when my Facebook App freaked out and started to behave very oddly, I came across a free copycat Facebook App, called Friends Planet (and it's FREE too!). It's exactly like Facebook, but only does not allow you to post a photo with a description for it. This App did save my day, while I've waited on Apple's fix of my Facebook App, the request for which I sent via iTunes help center. It was fixed at the end and I've re-downloaded my Facebook. Friends Planet was a great temp fix for my problem.

And, of course, I have my daily reads:

I used to have funny Apps, like Talking Tom Cat and Funny Call Apps, but after I played the "funny call" on my mom, it became clear to me that only "her" generation would fall for it...

Sometimes I see my friends using a new App and I added it to my iPhone as well, if I find it appealing and useful. This is how I got introduced to the wonders of Incredibooth and Instagram a few weeks ago and I became a total addict. But then again - my hobby is photography and I take quite a lot of photos, so I use these new Apps quite often, they are not just sitting on my iPhone screen idle. They add a rather alluring effect to the photos, anything from making a photo 'retro' to 'glamour' look.

You'll be the judge (using Instagram): which ones you like better - the one on the right, or - on the left?

I also hear that (I'm quoting my friends):
Echofon is much better than Twitter
Scan and Barcoo are really cool Apps
Hipstamatic is by faaar the best iphone photo App ever! 
and that many prefer Twitterific when it comes to Twitter

What are your favorite iPhone Apps?

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