Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Digital Age's Generation: What's Next?

Here is a revelation for you:

We live in a d i g i t a l  a g e!

And there's no more denial that we no longer limit ourselves to the traditional press. While TV still plays an important role in our lives - and I don't think it would ever cease to exist as we all enjoy our evenings and Sunday sport games in front of a big plazma TV - but as far as the print press is concerned - it is becoming obsolete.

It's been quickly replaced by the digital media and tech/gadgets that we use to access the information. And all thanks to Steve Jobs and his genius device - iPad, proceeded by the preparation to turn into the all-in-one-gadget-for-all-we-need-to-know-and-do device - iPhone.

However, slowly, but surely - except for a few individual progressive publications such as The New York Times and Wired - most of the print press took a note of the Appalachian iPad use and now most of the newspapers and magazines could be read on iPads and other tablets...

What is going to happen next, now that Steve Jobs is no longer with us? Would the new innovations be coming from the Apple Inc., or Samsung, or...? We don't know. We just know that with Hulu, Netflix, and similar online video content sites, where we can watch TV and movies from online streaming, our TV watching is no longer the same as it was just a year ago...

 Here is how it all happened:

(Courtesy of Newseum,

Here’s the a list of  some more Places To Watch TV For Free Online:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Social Media Becomes A Profession

...And I can't blame it. I actually strongly believe that social media not only will infuse in all the spheres of companies' businesses - from HR to  custodians, but it would actually become a full-time job - profession on its own... It's about time that all companies and organizations understand that any outreach they do - it needs to go beyond traditional marketing, promotion and PR practices...

Immortal Steve Jobs: Tweeter fans' tribute

I opened my email box this morning and saw an update from my Tweeter feeder to check out something amazing that only in this time and age could have been possible (yes, they did it before with old computers when it was hip and cool to print out in 'numbers' famous paintings in the likes of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, but this time it's's WAAAAY different)...This is something that has been created by the social media...