Monday, August 15, 2011

iSpaceship: Apple's Proposed Designs For Its Office

It's about time we got used to the very clean cut modern designs of its products and stores - round corners, glass walls and ceilings, armless and cushion-less chairs, bold colors, wall-wide screen displays, and an accurately, evenly bitten apple... Apple's designs has been always a huge part of our decision-making on whether get an Apple's product and/or a product by another company.

They know it and play it out very well for the consumers around the world.

And this is exactly what's happening with the new architectural plans and sketches of Apple’s proposed headquarters

Full views are available in the city of Cupertino, which is reviewing the plans

Steve Jobs stated that his new building will be “like a spaceship”, which leaves many of us wondering - would any of the proposed designs have the elements of the spaceships we've seen in Hollywood movies.

What do you think?

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