Thursday, December 1, 2011

MovieGoer: A Social App for Going to the Movies

This is exactly what I've been looking for - an App for going to the movies! I can very much see myself becoming one active user of this application, despite the fact that not many of my friends in the social circle are as passionate about movie going - [and sharing their experiences] - as I am, so let's see if it's gonna be applicable in my case since the App is meant for a social experience, not the solo indulgence.

I've already mentioned before the many platforms where one can watch TV/films online, all of which - free sources. There's also YouTube and Hulu sharing, Facebook and MySpace, and a bit of Twitter, but only in the 'link sharing' capability. There are many social ways to watch movies on- and offline, which, despite the fact that most of the people are becoming more 'mobile' and social/digital media savvy, still comes down to picking up a phone to SMS and/or call a friend to invite him/her over for a movie night at home and/or to a movie theatre. 

Yes, there are many movie 'sharing' experiences in the form of forums, blogs and online reviews - you can review a movie and click on a 'Share' button to send it to your friends via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, etc...Or you can just post a note in the social network about your experience seeing a movie. In other words - many, many ways to share your movie going experience - (and I do it too, via my movie blog here.)

So, you can imagine my joy - [and the overall joy of learning about a new cool App, which I very often browse through on a Saturday morning, lazily laying in bed...] - of learning about a new App. Thanks to All Things Digital, which I'm a huge, huge fan of! [Walter Mossberg is one of the tech-savvy journalists that I respect very much, and respect the fact that he's been rather responsive to my tech and media clients' ideas and projects, always responding for comments, interviews and product reviews. His expertise is amazingly thorough and front-running.] 

Here's the deal about the new App:

This new iPhone app - MovieGoer - aims to help people find movies through their friends, go to movies together and submit quick video reviews from their phone. - [I like what I'm hearing so far!]
Its mission is "to help people enjoy more movies" - per Nettle CEO Brian Dear, who also said that  MovieGoer "is trying to be both a public and private social network", so users might make plans with their close friends but publish their 15-second mobile video reviews to a larger audience. - [I totally dig it and the idea that it offers a visual review, even though I'm not sure what it really means. Does it mean that you record yourself in front of a theatre telling your friends about the movie you about to see and/or just saw?]

Users can also follow movies, cast and crew and other users to get updates about upcoming films. - [I'm still an old fashion gal, I like my People Mag's, New York and NY Times film reviews... with a bit of Village Voice.]
Good news, however, that now - in this day and age - when the entertainment industry has been ferociously following the fast-changing habits of its audience - that's been transforming from traditional moviegoers into the savvy social media / Internet movie-viewers, we'll be seeing a lot of Apps popping up to tailor to our entertainment social media demands. For example, there's already another start-up working on similar ideas, and it is called Can’t Wait.
As for me, I can't wait to see what's coming next, because the idea of 'video reviews' - as much as it sounds fun, I'm yet about to see how it really works, and how easy it is to use. In the meantime, I'll stick to my blog, social networks and YouTube to share my moviegoing experience.
What do you think, is there a future for this App? Would it become popular, and why?

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