Friday, October 14, 2011

Social Media Becomes A Profession

...And I can't blame it. I actually strongly believe that social media not only will infuse in all the spheres of companies' businesses - from HR to  custodians, but it would actually become a full-time job - profession on its own... It's about time that all companies and organizations understand that any outreach they do - it needs to go beyond traditional marketing, promotion and PR practices...

It's no longer as effective to send a press release via PRWire and wait for it to be picked up by the interested parties - journalists...Neither it's as effective to pitch a few publications and get an article into a magazine. It's all good, yes. But, these very stories would die when the next issue of a magazine/newspaper hits the store shelves...These articles and, thus, the brand name, needs to live f-o-r-e-v-e-r and reach as many affluent (and influential) people - and potential customers - as possible...

Thus, these 'pr/marketing/ad pitches' need to go viral - go social-media-viral - these pitches and stories and news of a company need to be tweeted, facebook-ed, linkedin-ed, myspace-ed, digg-ed, google+-ed and foursquare-ed...these outreach messages need to be blogged about, facebook-fan-paged and - GOD  knows what else - to be noticed, taken into consideration and circled around. Social Media is the new marketing tool that should not be ignored. It's millions of people around the world who know other millions of people around the world, which means - a pretty good chance to not only get your name out there, but actually - grow your business and your business' customer and loyalty base...

But again, it's not like I'm discovering America here...It's a common sense. That's why, if you are one of those social media addicts who tweets, facebook-s and linkedin-s for free, you can actually do it for money - and not for little money...Just see what's out there by checking the job sites and searching for a keyword: "social media", you'll see, the salary won't be lower than your ordinary advertising account executive job...

For those, who would like to FINALLY jump on a 'social media wagon', but is not as affluent in the social media, many schools in your area offer both online and in-class social media classes and training: from one day workshops to professional certificates in social media... Here are just a few:

USF, University of San Francisco
Southern New Hampshire University
Columbia Journalism School
And my absolute favorite (the school where I went to...)
New York University
Just remember, it's all up to you - the world is your oyster!

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