Monday, September 5, 2011

Vans Custom Made: Too Fab for slip-ons

I do believe in a perfect combination of comfort and style. If I don’t look for it for my home sleepers – even though I try – I do seek it in anything comfortable for the outdoors. And stylish always needs to go with the “lasting long” quality – and not up to the first rain drops.

So, how amazing are these custom made slip-ons from Vans? These were made using Robert Verdi’s own personal collection of Hermes scarves.

hard to imagine that they looked like this in its "origin" form:

Who would have thought of it? IT’s like with Malevich’s Black Square – he came up with it first, therefore – it’s fresh, novel and cool.

Same goes for the idea to use scarves’ graphics for shoes. Vans did it first – and the rest of the show makers would just having nothing else to do but to become copycats…

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