Friday, September 30, 2011

Overheard in New York

Overheard in New York
Don't we all rush in to share with our friends something funny/odd/peculiar/amazing/newsworthy/dangerous that you've overheard someone is saying to someone else?

I, personally, don't eavesdropping on purpose, per say, but if I happen to hear something that is worthy of my attention, I share it with my friends and family...

Say, how often have you passed someone on the street and caught a snippet of conversation out of context that was so funny or bizarre that you wanted to share it with someone else? There's no better place for this experience than New York City and not surprisingly, there is a website devoted to capturing these stray asides that make eavesdropping such a fun sport. And I just found out about it from my favorite blogger, a social media Guru, Paul Gillin.

Overheard in New York has actually been around since 2003! - duhh, and none of the people I mentioned it to today knew about it! I, myself, just discovered it.

How it works: anyone can contribute - so quality varies widely. Many quotes are also profane or risqué, so be forewarned. They vary from very innocent ones, like this one:

Young child in public restroom, watching mother dry hands under electric dryer: Mommy, do we have to pay for air? --5th Ave & 23rd St Overheard by: Jenica

...To very inappropriate or plain dumb ones...

That means - take the site for what it is: it's an overhearing random stuff site that can be a rather entertaining time-killer, if you are into this sort of thing.

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