Thursday, July 7, 2011

TECH: Obama 2012 website: secure?

Not even an official website for the President of USA Barack Obama is secure enough to keep the 'devils' away. But no matter what the officials say, anything that is posted on the official site of the president should be taken as a sign for someone out there being very disappointed with the current administration.

Reuters (Washington, DC) reports that "message inviting supporters of President Barack Obama to nonexistent events hosted by "Commy Obama" made its way onto the president's campaign website but was removed on Tuesday".

These are just one out of quite a few of the "socialist/communist" visuals that are present on the Internet

The material was posted on a section of the site where users can generate their own content, and made its way past monitors. According to the resources, hackers were not involved.

The fake material invited users to events scheduled for noon in Washington, the Washington Examiner reported. It said the 430-word message listed "Rules of Politics," including "Politicians and other public servants lie."

The report came a day after hackers took control of a Twitter account on Monday and sent six false tweets saying Obama had been shot dead, prompting an investigation by the Secret Service. Known to be "righty", Fox News was a perfect destination for posting such a message. But that should then prompt the support and tech services of the social networks take a better look at the current security issues of their sites and blogs.

(The author of the blog does not support the visuals presented in the blog).