Friday, July 8, 2011

TECH: MEDIA: National Geographic's Best-Selling Apps

Personally, anything by The National Geographic is fascinating to me. I’ve been subscribing to its Traveler magazine for a while now and aside from very lengthy, to the point of scientific description and exploration of a subject matter – anything from a Mammoth tooth to a deep sea soil, the content of the magazine is relatively entertaining. It’s diverse. It’d deep. It’s objective. It’s visual. And it’s – in a way – revolutionary, as it covers the subject matters way ahead of any other “travel, geography” publications. And now it's available in Apps.

It also helps to live just a few blocks away from the headquarters of this amazing full-jewel-of-facts and stories building. Every day, every week – there are events , exhibits and conferences happening @NationalGeographic (more than 800 000 followers on Twitter), and each time I visit them, I learn something new.

Two years ago, for example, I attended an event with an American professor who has been studying the life and works of Da Vinci for 20 years. It’s there, where I’ve learned that Da Vinci might have been the first one who actually drew (thus, invented) the first bike and airplane! – Yes, I might be the only one who didn’t know it …
I’ve also learned that Da Vinci has never been much interested in drawing/painting, per say, but rather he was fascinated with physics and mathematics and that’s why he drew “by numbers”… Anyway. All these fascinating information is daily presented at The National Geographic online and onsite.

That’s why I was very excited to learn that there are two great iPhone/iPad apps of National Geographic are currently available for just $0.99-$1.99.

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic: Any photo buff who wants to know what it takes to shoot award winning images can find out with the new iPad app, "50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic." - New York Times Gadgetwise. To review and download, click here.

50 Places of a Lifetime: The World's Greatest Destinations. Limited-time introductory pricing @ $1.99! Make your bucket list with an app from the world’s most widely read travel magazine. Inspiring and authoritative, 50 Places of a Lifetime showcases the world’s greatest destinations, chosen by National Geographic's family of globe-trotting contributors. To review and download, click here.

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